Saturday, October 18, 2014

In the Works

So what's next?

Well, my current work-in-progress is a horror novel tentatively titled Wicked Dark. I'm not in love the with that title, but at least it gives me a name to call the project. If my usual routine holds true, the manuscript will go through multiple title changes.

The sun set one night in October and never rose again. What happened to the moon? The stars? The whole sky is black. The darkness seems absolute. Some technologies work. Other don't. For some people, the darkness is a reason to come together and support each other. For others, it is an excuse to unleash the shadows and madness in their souls.

And there are rumors of other...things...out there beyond the feeble glow of flashlights and fires.

Chet Thompson doesn't know what caused the darkness or what might happen next. He's lived his life moment-to-moment and made more than his share of stupid mistakes. But now Chet is responsible for a young man with severe disabilities and no one--human or otherwise--is going to keep him from finding a safe haven for his charge.

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